What Others are Saying

Hear from happy clients & partners!

Melissa and I worked together for the last 8 years and I have found her to be resourceful and enlightening with operational development. She has been proactive and diligent with solving any challenges with training, competency, and professional development. Melissa worked closely with the Panama City facility to create, monitor, and improve training and compliance. She has been invaluable to me with networking within her department and always leads me to the right person or right solution. She has been a fantastic addition in a more corporate role and provides leadership, guidance, and direction throughout the organization. Many times, her compassion and demeanor have helped me navigate my own career advancement. Melissa brings experience, knowledge, and passion to any position or company fortunate to team with her.

Roger Lara-Navarro; Director, Global Manufacturing/Workshops at Oceaneering; March 24, 2021

I worked with Melissa for 5 years when she was the Training and Performance Specialist at Oceaneering Panama City. When she hired into Oceaneering she immediately taught me better methods to track and maintain the complex 18 job classification competency program that I headed up for the production department. She developed a robust and automated tracking system to help my department maintain compliance with safety and special skills training. She was also instrumental in helping me designate and develop trainers to teach the safety and special skills courses. Melissa displays tremendous attention to detail and a keen ability to coach/teach the SME trainers how to train a very diverse workforce. She is an invaluable asset in any training or teaching environment.

Cardenal Collins, MBA; Manufacturing Site Manager at AFL; December 8, 2020

Melissa is one-of-a-kind!!! She’s smart, extremely intuitive and talented. She has a beautiful big heart and makes you feel comfortable and special just with her presence, helps identify and correct issues through Reiki and helps heal your mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend her to any and every one. She’s truly amazing and I’m so blessed to know and have worked with her. She’s helped and healed me tremendously in many aspects.

Michelle Gambino; Client, Student, Friend, and Supporter; May 22, 2020

Melissa is very knowledgeable, understanding and intuitive. Highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to take themselves to a higher level. 5 stars!

Dena Gray; Client, Student, Friend, and Supporter; August 21, 2017

Melissa excels in her commitment to providing outstanding customer service to our local military bases, non-profit agencies and other organizations requiring training and staff development. I have observed her tailor training for specific agencies to market courses that benefit the community as a whole. She is quick to respond and, regardless of the demands of a day, always professional and pleasant. In addition, she is actively involved in veteran’s organizations and she is an excellent resource in this area. Because of her demonstrated skills, I would recommend Melissa for project management and training development in the public or private sector.

Sherrie Locke; Coordinator, Gulf Coast State College, February 15, 2013

In networking, Melissa Strawser shows the ability to put others at ease while maintaining professionalism. Melissa demonstrates a solid understanding of today’s job market struggles as well as developing opportunities for development.  She has a unique position to gain relevant information about the employment community.  Melissa has a keen understanding of interpersonal relations in working with all levels of employees. I have enjoyed working with Melissa and look forward to future opportunities.

Lauren Heard, Community Partner and Human Resources Professional; April 24, 2012

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa over the past several months as she has been very instrumental in helping us, UW of NWFL, in launching our financial literacy program. Melissa’s knowledge and hands-on experience in finance and business relations have been tremendous. Effective listener, quickly sees the vision and provides valuable insight.

Ron Sharpe, Executive Director, The ARC of the Bay; Client & Community Partner; April 22, 2012

Melissa and I have known each other for several years now. Recently we worked together on a Project entitled “Work Force Readiness”. Melissa provided me with all the resources and assistance I needed during this month long project. She is a highly certified and qualified partner. It was a pleasure working with her and we are already planning future projects together. If she calls on you for help or a service you can bet she will be right there to support you until the job is done or the project is complete.

Sam Slay, SPHR, SHRM-SCP; Speaker, Author, Leadership Trainer, HR, Coach, Facilitator; Community Partner; April 2012

have had the pleasure of working with Melissa as she developed an educational program to engage her clients on a strategic level. Melissa is very hard working, intelligent and detail oriented. It is so refreshing to work with a partner who is willing to brainstorm, discuss industry trends and collaborate unselfishly. It is always a pleasure working with Melissa.

Tracey Grace, MBA, ITIL; IBEX Founder & CEO, Speaker, 8a/MBE/WOSB; Client; April 2012