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Megan Sumrell

The Pink Bee:  Time Management, Organization and Productivity Courses to help you Achieve Work + Life Harmony

Current offerings: Master Your Morning (Free Event)

Amber McCue

Dr. Melissa’s favorite event of the year!

Annual Planathon (Starts October 25 & preparty happening October 11-24!)  This is the annual business planning event of the year!  Join Amber McCue, countless entrepreneurs, and fantastic speakers for 4 days of planning and learning.  Best of all, it is free UNLESS you decide to sign up for one of Amber’s programs later in the week. Learn More.

Modern CEO Program is a Comprehensive online program to learn and apply what it actually takes to build, grow, and scale a successful business.  Click here to learn more and join the waiting list now!

Stacy Phillips

Financial Educator, Counselor, and Insurance Professional

Stacy Phillips has been working in the financial industry since 2009. Prior to that, Stacy worked as an educator for the Clark County School District and received her master’s degree in higher education. When Stacy was in her late twenties, she realized she knew very little about money. As she went on a quest to learn more, she noticed financial literacy wasn’t really being taught. It also seemed that most companies only wanted to help the wealthy with how money works. At that moment, she decided to use her education background and dedicate her career to providing financial literacy to all who want to learn. When Stacy is not working, she loves volunteering with the Special Olympics and spending time with family and friends.

Phone: 702.496.4059  –  Email:

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